Since its creation by Seattle Superior Court Judge David Soukup in 1977, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) has become one of the most effective child welfare programs. Today, there are 950 CASA programs established throughout the nation. CASA provides a unique blend of private support, public need, and the kind of people power that comes from more than 76,000 volunteers, all committed to the rights of every child in the foster care child welfare system.

Children with a CASA/GAL volunteer are more likely to find a safe and stable home:

  • Less time in foster care
  • Fewer placements foster/shelter placements while in care
  • More likely to receive treatment and services while in care
  • Once in a stable home, less likely to re-enter care

Children with CASA volunteers do better in school: 

  • More likely to graduate or obtain their GED 
  • Less likely to have poor conduct in school and be expelled

CASA volunteers improve the representation of children in our Courts:

  • Providing insightful reports with crafted recommendations
  • Reducing attorney workload
Total Children Impacted Nationally
Total Children Impacted in Dauphin County

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